yeah. there is major hysteria right now over this recent attack on a Syrian airfield. Its actually quite scary, but after pondering the situation, I think we will be just fine. as youtube’s AppleKram27 put it:

“Everyone’s gotta chill out and stop being hysterical and let the dust settle. No one got killed the missiles were strategically placed. Russia was notified and left the base prior. Trump is thinking ahead of everyone right now he just killed the MSM talking points about Russian collusion. No Russians were killed they won’t retaliate and now all they have to talk about is Susan Rice and the corruption in govt. Everyone gotta wait and stop going insane Trump MIGHT have pulled a brilliant move.”

Exactly. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Let’s wait and see what happens. I’ll have an in-depth analysis over this situation tomorrow.

God protect you!