In an article released a few days ago, CNN continues their treasonous coverage of ISIS; they glorify them and their cause while villainizing the United States and its allies abroad. Apparently, the media can commit open acts of sedition. Free press is to be protected, but this isn’t reporting; this is treason.

The article is a total embarrassment to American journalism. Using selective language and phrasing, CNN reports subtly in support of ISIS, the same ISIS responsible for terrorist attacks all over the world, the same ISIS that chants “Death to America”in the streets. Lets be clear: ISIS is a violent global threat to any and every free society in the world. Yet here is how CNN reports on them, sympathizing with their radical beliefs and lamenting their loss of territory:

“Not so long ago, ISIS controlled a wide swathe of land between Raqqa and the Turkish border, allowing as many as 2,000 foreign fighters a month to reach the “promised land.”

Just to clarify, the “promised land” to which they’re referring is a state ruled by a caliphate enforcing Sharia Law. That means a government that sanctions and encourages forced conversion, attacks on innocent civilians, Taharrush or the “rape game”, honor killing of women, public beheadings of American citizens, and other acts of violence and tyranny. ISIS openly and enthusiastically seeks the downfall of western civilization. They are global threat #1, an enemy of all free countries of the world, and what does disgusting CNN have to say about them?

“ISIS is fending off enemies (US-led coalition) from all sides in Raqqa…”

And more:

“[ISIS’] advantage is that — so far — there’s been little coordination among its adversaries on the ground, and none of them seems strong enough to take Raqqa alone.”

Just the headline itself is horrific: “ISIS’ enemies line up to take Raqqa, but when — and how?” It both calls the US enemies — and they do so multiple times in this article — and casts doubts on our ability to defeat ISIS.

So why is CNN using the word “enemies” to describe our own soldiers and allies? Why do they repeatedly cast doubt on our military’s strength and capabilities?

Because CNN is our enemy, that’s why. They could not have made it more clear. They are absolutely dyed-in-the-wool Traitor Media; they want the US to fail, and they want ISIS to win. CNN has been an awful, discredited publication for years, but this is a new level of disgusting, this treatment of our military and allies, using the word “enemies” to describe them. Here is a list of those so-called “enemies” of ISIS, from a recent Defense Department report:

“Coalition nations that have conducted strikes in Iraq include the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Coalition nations that have conducted strikes in Syria include the United States, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, France, Jordan, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.” In Fascist CNN land, allies are “enemies.”

Further using the Orwellian power of words to obfuscate the truth, they are misreporting the actual news, which is ISIS is being ANNIHILATED.  The new Secretary of Defense General Mattis, and our coalition of allies, has been winning almost every engagement, and has been doing so for the past several weeks.

In just the first day of Mattis’ leadership, the US launched 31 strikes on ISIS, targets the Obama admin knew about for over a year, but refused to launch any attacks.

ISIS is losing morale rapidly and fighters are making excuses to their superiors to leave the battles, including slipped discs, according to this report.

So the US and our friends are crushing ISIS, preventing future terrorism all around the world, saving thousands of innocent lives, and the mainstream media refuse to report it. The reason? To avoid making the new Trump administration look too good; reporting on great success against ISIS right now would be too beneficial for CNN’s political opponents. Instead, they slime about their greasy headquarters, spreading Anti-American propaganda in an attempt to corrupt public opinion to suit their own agenda.

CNN has betrayed the country. They are distorting and re-colouring facts to push their own false narrative. They report slanted half-truths and blatant lies because they have absolutely no respect for their audience, and think of them– us, you and me — as mere pawns in their political power game.

With a story like this, CNN is saying to their readers: you’re not important enough to know the truth. You sit there and believe everything we tell you. Forget about facts. You think what we tell you to think, and how we tell you to think. You do not have a right to the truth. You’re just a stupid American and we can deceive you all we want, and we will. It doesn’t get more traitorous than that.

Fortunately, it makes no difference; CNN is a terrible and widely discredited organization that few people, if any, listen to anymore. CNN, like much of the media, is a outlet of extremely biased reporting, truly a pile of garbage, and this piece of ISIS propaganda is further proof of that.

Read the article, listen to the language, and make up your own mind. CNN has completely exposed itself as a traitorous news outlet deliberately and trying to think for its readers, instead of allowing them to think for themselves.

Whether they succeed or fail is up to you.

God bless America, and God bless the American people. and God bless Mad Dog Mattis! #FYEAH